Blockchain Naming Systems Monitoring

BNS Monitor provides monitoring and protection services to prevent cybersquatting and other trademark abuse. Our algorithms search daily for matching and similar names registered in the so called Web3 / blockchain naming systems.

The service was designed for legal counsels at companies, legal firms as well as technical service providers.

Our reports are easy to understand and we provide assistance to mitigate abuse in order to protect your brands reputation.

Trusted by brands

Since our launch in 2022 we passed the milestone of 1000+ monitored strings within just a few days. For a simple fixed price we monitor what matches your brand name as well as common misspellings, keyword mistyping variants for a year.

100+ networks

BNS Monitor is checking among a vast variety of networks, including popular extensions like .zil, .crypto, .wallet, .coin, .x, .nft, .dao, .bitcoin, .bit, .coin, .bazar, .emc, .lib, .onion and more. We are adding new networks on a monthly basis.

Get protection

Use our expertise for defensive registrations and trademark blocking (if the network permits it) at a very competitive pricing.


Choose our Monitoring product and Protection assistance.

You will be able to select a trademark term or brand name and select a frequency when to receive reports.

Protection assistance:
We will guide you how to reserve your names at various platforms and best practices how to avoid name squatting or fight an abusive registration.

Monitoring (1 year)

450 $

Protection Assistance

150 $